7+1 - exhibition

Address: Gallery M, 40 Manas, Bishkek

On December 11 at 18:00 «Gallery M» will present the new art exhibition “7+1”. The exposition presents paintings by Danakan Adashkanova, Jyldyz Asangali, Halida Shimova, Gulnara Musabai, Chynara Torobekova, Nurguyana Innokentyeva, Natalia Kopelovich, and a young sculptor Tamila Mamatova. Presented art works impress by a deep sense of color and a subtle perception of tone. Among them, there are touching-lyrical paintings titled “Harmony”, “In the Old Park in Spring”, “Letters from Afar”, “Fairy-Tale of Kadji-Sai”and many other memorable paintings.

The exhibition of venerable masters of Kyrgyz fine arts included all artistic genres. The authors work in different techniques and see the world each in their own way, in their colors, but all of them are united by emotionality of perception and expressiveness of presentation. Each artist has her own signature and understanding of beauty. Objects of the exhibition are people, landscapes and flowers. The art works of different style and genre provide understanding of breath of interests among Kyrgyz artists.

The exhibition will remain open until January 11.

Working hours - 9:00-19:00

Start date: 2018-12-11 18:00
End date: 2018-12-11 18:00