Graphic suite "Field"

Address: Russian Drama Theatre named after Ch. Aitmatov, 122 Tynystanov, Bishkek

Graphic suite "Field"
Director: Eugenia Ax
Based on "Mother's field" by Ch. Aitmatov
Genre: Graphic Suite
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes - without intermission
Age: 12+

A tragic and at the same time optimistic story about people told in movements almost without words. A story about the field. A field of love, a field of war, a field of people.

The performance is presented in a new for the classical theater format. The Mother's Field meaning is revealed by body language, music and modern video production. Every movement of actors is meaningful and symbolic. Aitmatov's language works as an associative cipher which forms the musical and graphic basis of the performance.

It is not easy to convey Aitmatov's figurative poetic language to the audience but a young choreographer from Moscow - Maria Popova - managed to convey in motion the elusive states of the human soul, to find the movement equivalents of Aitmatov's poetry.  

Eugenia Ax is a director, choreographer and performer from Moscow who regularly stages her performances at the Russian Drama Theater in Bishkek.   

Field will take place at the Russian Drama Theater on November 24 at 18.00.

Ticket price - 200-500 som

Start date: 2018-11-24 18:00
End date: 2018-11-24 18:00