New Year's Ballet "The Nutcracker"

Opera and Ballet Theater, Bishkek

P.I. Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker"

The Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater named after A. Maldybaev presents ...
A masterpiece of world ballet classics, a New Year's fairy tale!

Ballet in three acts

Choreographers - N. Yananis, V. Korneev.
Production designer - A. Frolova.
The performance was restored by choreographers: a laureate of the International Competition and the State Youth Prize of the Kyrgyz Republic named after I. Ch.Aitmatova, Hon. artists of the Kyrgyz Republic T. Osmonov and E. Ovchinnikova; 
Conductor - Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic N. Polotov,
Choirmaster - People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic K. Tilenchiev,
Artist - People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic M. Sharafidinov.
Summary of PI Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker".  

On the eve of Christmas in the beautiful house of Dr. Stahlbaum, they intend to welcome guests. After the adults, barely audibly stepping, girls with dolls follow, and boys with sabers firmly step to the melody of the march.

Act I The
children of the owner of the house, Marie and Fritz, together with their peers, are eagerly awaiting gifts. The last to arrive, Drosselmeyer is known for his ability to bring toys to life. This circumstance provokes and at the same time frightens the children. When you remove the mask, everyone recognizes the beloved godfather under it. If she wants to play with dolls, Marie does not find them in their usual places.

For the upcoming fun, the caring godfather presents her with the Nutcracker with a strange grimace on his face. Fritz accidentally damages him, which makes his sister extremely upset. Having put the beloved character to bed, disguised as mice masks, the brother and friends tease Marie.

At the end of the celebration, according to tradition, the audience will perform the Grossfather dance. After the guests, the house is empty. At nightfall, moonlight permeates the room with the Christmas tree. On her return to the nursery, Marie hugs the Nutcracker.

Drosselmeyer appears as a kind wizard. With a wave of his hand, the surrounding space begins to transform in an amazing way: the walls move apart and a tree grows, the decorations of which transform into brave soldiers. During the solemn procession of the Mouse King, his subjects appear. The brave Nutcracker engages in battle with a horde of mice.

Both heroes face off in battle. Marie notices about the loss of balance in the detachment of soldiers. The enemy army is significantly superior to them. In a fit of despair, throwing off her shoe, the girl launches it at the Mouse King. The enemy leaves the battlefield. Soldiers triumphantly glorify Marie.

Everyone notices the change on his face. Having ceased to be the Nutcracker, he mysteriously transforms into the wonderful Prince. Surrounded by fluttering snowflakes, Marie finds herself under a sky full of stars with a charming Christmas tree.

Act II

This time, when attacking the mice, the Prince inflicts a crushing blow on them. The hall fills with a sense of celebration. The Arab dolls, as well as dolls brought from Spain, Russia and China, thank the heroine for saving their lives.

Fascinating fairies and pages celebrate their success around in a perky dance. Drosselmeyer is making a change again. Everything is ready for the wedding of Marie and the Prince. After awakening, the girl discovers the Nutcracker in her own hands. Being in a familiar room, she realizes that what she sees is nothing more than a fabulous dream ...
The narrative makes you think about things happening around, about how sometimes it is pleasant and useful to be in a kind, fascinating world of dreams.

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office: +996 (312) 66 18 41; +996 (706) 07 40 04

Ticket price: 100 - 450 som

When visiting the theater, you must have a medical mask with you.
Entry to the auditorium after the third ring is prohibited!
See you at the theater!

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