Solo exhibition of Rinat Khanafeev "The Lace of the Sun"

Gallery M, 40 Manas Ave, Bishkek

On March 4, in Bishkek, in the “Gallery M”, a personal exhibition of the Russian artist Rinat Khanafeev “The Lace of the Sun” will open. In it, the artist will present more than 80 works.
The exhibition is open from March 4 to 21, 2020 from 10: 00-18: 00.
Fantasy and reality, tenderness and strength - all this and not only merges into the works of Rinat Hanafeev. It is no coincidence that the artist timed the opening of his exhibition to the International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8. It was women who inspired him to write many paintings - their beauty and ability to transform the world around.
The painting of Rinat Khanafeev can be called "integral realism." Why? Because it is mathematically verified and accurate. The artist creates a special formula of beauty, harmony, according to which he creates his images. They seem surreal: as if woven from our experiences, dreams, secrets. With all this, they remain tangible and real.
The works reflect the deep views of the artist himself, where traditions and modernity become one, using both realistic and metaphorical images. It is impossible to solve them: each time the viewer will discover something new, peering even at the secondary details in the paintings.
Rinat Hanafeev is a bright, deep, full person. He is able to recreate images on canvas that evoke good responses in the hearts of connoisseurs of his work. The artist reflects his feelings in the paintings and helps people to weigh the events surrounding them, evaluate their actions, look deep inside their own “I”. Plots of Rinat Hanafeev is a wise view of a person gifted with bright muse on the realities of modern life through the prism of morality, cultural ideology and past experience.
Anastasia Hanafeeva

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