Take a brief look into the history of Kyrgyzstan as you drive around lake Issyk-kul in soviet era vehicles. This tour will provide participants with insight into Kyrgyz culture, while allowing them to fulfill their dream of driving these unique antique cars.  Participants of this tour will learn how to build a yurt, cook traditional cuisine, watch a folk music concert, and be introduced to Salburuun by a fourth generation eagle hunter.  Enjoy your journey through Kyrgyz history as you drive classic Soviet cars, adventure on horseback through picturesque mountain ranges, kick-back and relax in yurts, and revel in the beauty of Kyrgyzstan. Every tour is personalized when you choose from our range of soviet period cars, including: Jigulis, UAZs, Nivas, Buhankas, and Volgas. Swap cars as you go, so you can experience the unique design of each one. Let’s wander!


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Issyk Kul

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Chunkurchak Ski Base

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