EXHIBITION "Ten stops on the Silk Road"

Gallery M Manas prospect, 40

EXHIBITION "Ten stops on the Silk Road"
Opening: April 30, 2019 at 17:30
Venue: Gallery M
Why ten? Because the present exhibition presents the works of ten fine art masters, who sketched the modern places of the Great Silk Road, which ancient caravans loaded with various goods once went from east to west and back.
They are Taalaibek Usubaliev, Suyutbek Torobekov, Vladimir Faiziyev, Ormonali Idirisov, Zhusup Mataev, Saparbay Osmonaliev, Dogturbek Nurgaziyev, Almagul Bolokova, Kanybek Davletov and Narynkul Turpanov.
The artists express their particular view with the description on canvas of those corners with which they were fascinated, wandering around the cities and villages. This is a coffee house in Istanbul or a tea house in China, monumental architectural monuments in Uzbekistan or a wind that does not tire of combing gray coils in the Kazakh steppe. These are mystical paths in Kyrgyzstan, from where it is clear that the seventh sky, Issyk-Kul Lake, has spilled into the very heart of the blue mountains!
The landscapes created on the contrast of light and shade, cold and warm colors, rich and faded colors of the palette are unusual and delightful. From the first moments they will captivate the viewer with powerful energy, simplicity of plots and the author's emotionality. In this lies the original handwriting of each of the artists presented.
There are no banal drawing sights of the Silk Road. These pictures are like letters to Eternity, envelopes with stamps, which seem to be the simplest locations, but they are full of feelings and emotional power.
The works of the masters not only reveal certain moments of culture, life and beliefs of their ancestors, but also bring the past closer, making it understandable and close. Art, like a time machine, takes us from one era to another, preventing us from losing touch with our roots and making us feel once again the inseparable link between the past and the present and the future.
These are letters to the point of silence, in which it is heard how the heart of Nature beats, nourishing life with love and wisdom.
The works convey all the colors of violent spring, the pleasant languor of early autumn and the delightful whiteness of a winter morning when the snow covers the ground with cold palms. And then in the caravanserai comes the summer evening coolness. But it is still seasoned with the sultry air of the day, soaked with camel drivers, it smells like green tea, roasted meat and Indian spices ...

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EXHIBITION "Ten stops on the Silk Road"

Gallery M Manas prospect, 40

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