May 17, 2019 (18: 00-24: 00)

This annual project “Night of Museums” attracts more and more interest, in 2018 more than 35,000 people visited us (in 6 hours) in 6 regions of Kyrgyzstan. The program of each “Night” is based on a preliminary study of the interests of the public and the museum community, at the junction of new formats are born, which every year more and more attract our citizens and guests of the country.
The program of the event included famous performers, Ambassadors of other countries in the Kyrgyz Republic as guides to museums of Kyrgyzstan. Within the framework of the project, we will unite different directions “Art of Cinema”, “Art of Theater”, “Art of Sport”, “Art of Fashion”, “Art of Life (Eco-Consciousness, Traditional Knowledge)”; there also will be “Artists Alley”, “Alley writers ”,“ High Technologies Park ”,“ Potters Alley ”, etc.

Over 6 hours, more than 230 events will take place with the participation of well-known masters of their craft and international participants, and sign installations will be created during the event according to the concept of the Night.

More than 40,000 visitors are expected this year.

The concept of 2019 was chosen for good reason as “Fragile Art”. On the example of recent events in the world with the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, Palmyra, in general, the situation with World Heritage monuments in the world and in the country, prompted us to choose such an important topic. The terrible consequences of human activity and the irreplaceableness of losses, because “Fragile art” is eternal, priceless and very gentle.

We want to immerse the visitors of the Night into the theme of fragility through a series of projections, installations, working with pinpoints of a conscious attitude to an irreplaceable heritage. The theme for artists in the open air will also be “Fragile Heritage”, on that “night” many reflections will arise on the events of the present, past and future.

The second topic is “Fragile World”. We want to touch on the topic of peaceful residence on the planet Earth, the future “ecological war” in which we will never win. The only way is “eco-awareness”, conscious living as a model of the future that we are creating today. This message will be laid through many elements, installations of the project participants (struggle with the use of plastic, against cutting down trees, harmonious living (traditional knowledge), etc.) Within the framework of the “Fragile World” idea, we will also talk about human rights.

From 21: 00-24: 00, in the dark time of the project, we offer to go the search path to the idea through the maze "In search of art."

Here, visitors with the help of light (flashlights, telephones) will search for art objects, creative people, etc. on important topics for the development of a healthy society.

We note that “Museum Night - 2019” in Bishkek will be held for the first time in open air format on the territory of the Oak Park and Ala-Too Square, in the city of Osh, in the Sulayman-Too Research and Development Agrarian Museum (on the mountain).

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