GRF - First Independent Rock Festival

Retro-Metro Chingiz Aitmatov str.24

Friends! With undisguised joy, we are glad to present to your attention the upcoming event. August 31, in the small hall of the nightclub "Retro Metro" (yes, there is such a thing now), we, together with Sound Master, are holding the first independent rock music festival Guest Rock Fest.  

Line up:    
VIA Drugs 'n' Foks (AKA-DnF) (Almaty) is the last stronghold of rock enrol in the southern capital of their vast homeland. The ensemble was formed on the bones of the Cabernet group so many years ago. Carry a reasonable good eternal to the masses in the form of "hooligan jyaz-rock" and honor the spirit of the old school.

Black Fat Bone (Almaty) - founded in the beginning of 2017, the Kazakhstan rock group skillfully combines hard-rock, stoner, funk-rock along with alternating post-rock genre. Keeps his creative path straight from the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Despite the fact that they do not exist for a long time, they have already managed to make out wherever they reached. Steep shorter .   

And in the one and in the other group, the same one, the legendary and mega-talented Alan Salpagarov.

Local support -

Frunze Streets - the star of the new year, promising dusty little rock with hints of curry. Clips, airplanes, red lights of the city, and Shamov on the guitar as a talisman that attracted all the luck to them.

Entrance: symbolic 200 soms, the doors of the club will open for us at 20:00, we will begin to play at exactly 22:00.

The reposts of this publication increase appetite, and give hope for a bright future of easy rock in KG.

Waiting for you and your friends.

More information - a little later.

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