Ala Archa National Park - Ratzeka Trek

Ala Archa

At the request of our guests we annoucning a call for a group tour to Ratzek hut in Ala Archa led by our alpinist colleague. 

Depart Bishkek at 6:30 am. Leave behind the post soviet urban sprawl of Bishkek and climb upwards towards the heavens as you enter the Terskey Ala-Too mountains. Our destination for the day is Ala-Archa National Forest, a pristine home to nature and wildlife just outside the city, that serves as an escape for humans and fauna alike.

We'll arrive at the gate marking the entrance to the park at approximately 8:00 am. The mountains seemingly rise out of the road welcoming all travelers who are adventurous enough to scale their magnificent peaks. From the gate, we'll travel to the parking lot, which will serve as the launching point for our hike to the Ratzeka station.

To start the hike we'll walk through the smattering trees that stand as a sentinel at the base of the mountain. They seemingly embrace visitors, allowing trekkers to enjoy their shade and a peaceful retreat before the real trek begins. We'll travel through for about an hour before turning left and starting our ascent up the mountain.

Our first stopping point is broken heart rock. The large boulder that has been snapped in two serves as the perfect resting place to catch our breath and have some water before continuing on our way.

We'll continue hiking along the river until we reach our next stop the famous Ala -Archa waterfall. While it is a beautiful stop year-round, it is especially stunning in summer as the glacial melt reaches its peak. The nearby forested area serves as the perfect spot to stretch out, relax, and enjoy a bite to eat before we tackle the hardest part of our hike.

Up until this point things have been deceptively easy but now the challenge begins. We will turn up the mountain and climb through the rocky scree. While the hiking here is difficult it is wholly rewarding. Deer and other fauna frequent the area. If you have the chance to take your eyes off your feet and glimpse out at the beauty around you it is truly spectacular.

Our final destination is the Ratzeka station (3200m). The building serves as a wonderful reprieve after a hard hike. In this spot, you can choose to set up camp, if you're continuing your journey to the glaciers or, grab an ice-cold beer from the small guesthouse that has been set up there. The Ratzeka station is named after one of the first alpinists in Kyrgyzstan.

With enough time to rest and admire the view, we'll descend the mountain whence we came returning to our vehicle around 2 pm (depending on the fitness of the group). Return to Bishkek. End Tour.

Medium level difficulty

~ 5/ 6 hours hiking time (based on good fitness level)

Please note: All times are approximations and may change due to walking speed, weather, and traffic conditions.  

Please refer to Dates and Prices section for the price breakdown. 


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