In 2018, LUMEN celebrated its 20th anniversary with a big tour, presenting electric and acoustic programs, and already in mid-April last year, Lumen released the mini-album "Cult of the Void", which includes four new songs.

Two of them were familiar to the audience before the release - the title "Cult of the Void", first performed at the Chart Dozen Prizes in St. Petersburg, where Lumen frontman Tam Bulatov won the Solo nomination. The song "To those who trample the earth" headed the chart of Our Radio for several consecutive weeks.

The next release of LUMEN took place in September - the song “Fear”, which gave the name of the tour, entered the soundtrack to the comic book “Dark Nights. Batman Metal ”, released by the ABC-Atticus publishing group. The premiere of the animation clip took place at the Comic Con Russia festival. And in October the group went on a concert tour.

“Fears haunt us from birth,” says LUMEN frontman Tam Bulatov about the concept of the new program. First instinctive - loud sounds, bright flashes ... Over the years, they become more complex and deep.

We have prepared a program about our own fears - loneliness and indifference, lack of prospects and futility of being, war and death, dislike. In these daily battles with our anxieties, phobias and complexes, there are two outcomes: either fear will break and change you, or you will break fear and change yourself. In one case you are a slave, in another you are a hero. But there are other fears - for loved ones and loved ones. By succumbing to them, sacrificing our own interests, we become better. About all this, for the first time in Bishkek, on March 27, in the legendary club!

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