International Conference: Digital Transformation in Central Asia

Hyatt Regency Bishkek, UCA Naryn Campus

The University of Central Asia (UCA), State Committee for Information Technology and Communications, and High Technology Park (HTP) of the Kyrgyz Republic will host a joint conference ’Digital Transformation in Central Asia’, to be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from October 4th to 6th 2019:

This will be an annual event and is aimed at providing IT leaders the opportunity to connect with 100+ Chief Information Officers and IT leaders within Central Asia and abroad to collaborate and solve the technology problems together. It will give a great opportunity to build a professional network within the technology area to build a strong professional network with leaders who understand the most critical technology priorities. The DTCA conference is jointly organised with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, which has designated 2019 as the Year of Regional Development and Digitalisation.

The conference provides opportunities for technology professionals, government officials, educators and researchers to meet and discuss the latest solutions, scientific results and methods for solving intriguing problems in the fields of data collection, data analysis, management (public and private), and the role of ICT in education and research.

The Conference will bring together around over 100 attendees from different countries and offers practical sessions, internationally known speakers and presenters, workshops focusing on the AI, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Governance and technology innovation & digitisation.

A detailed programme of the 3-day event, including side events, is available on the conference website:

The International Conference on Digital Transformation in Central Asia is open to Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers, and IT leaders. The early bird conference fee is $200 without accommodation, and $600 with accommodation (at the Hyatt Regency Bishkek). This includes transport to and from UCA's campus in Naryn on the third day of the conference, but does not include travel cost to the conference.

To register, or for further information on the conference speakers and programme, please visit:

Other events

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Chemodan Zusmanovicha, 4 microdisctrict 6/2, Bishkek

Starts: 22 November 2019 00:00 22-11-2019 00:00
Ends: 22 November 2019 23:59

Calvin Jones. The Paramount music

251 Chui Avenue, Kyrgyz State Philharmonic Hall

Starts: 14 December 2019 18:30 14-12-2019 18:30
Ends: 14 December 2019 21:00

Ikarus at Somewhere

Somewhere bistro, 487/a Jibek Jolu, Bishkek

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Ends: 23 November 2019 23:00

Moscow New Year Tree 2020


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Ends: 22 December 2019 16:30

La Traviata

Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Bishkek

Starts: 13 December 2019 17:00 13-12-2019 17:00
Ends: 13 December 2019 20:00

Charlie Brown at the Philharmonic


Starts: 07 December 2019 16:00 07-12-2019 16:00
Ends: 07 December 2019 18:00

Scientific Breakfast of IFEAC

24 Isanov Street, apt. 26, IFEAC

Starts: 30 November 2019 10:00 30-11-2019 10:00
Ends: 15 November 2019 13:00


Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Bishkek

Starts: 23 November 2019 17:00 23-11-2019 17:00
Ends: 23 November 2019 21:00