Gala concert of La Scala Theater Stars


The BIG show company presents an amazing exclusive project:
Giovanni GUALYARDO (baritone)
Massimiliano PIZAPIA (tenor)
Marina NACHECBIA (soprano)

These are really the STARS of ITALIAN OPERA and REAL SINGERS.
Not every opera house in the world can get these performers!

First time in Bishkek!

Only on November 21, at 19:00 on the historical stage of the Kyrgyz State Philharmonic, real stars of the famous Italian La Scala theater will perform with the symphony orchestra of the philharmonic.

The La Scala Theater (Italian: Teatro alla Scala or La Scala) is a world center of opera culture, saturated with grandeur and luxury. Soloists of the theater invariably collect full houses around the world, pluck applause.

The concert program will include works that are rightfully considered the golden fund of world classics: solo parts and duets from operas by J. Verdi “La Traviata”, “Rigoletto”, “Troubadour”, J. Bizet “Carmen”, J. Puccini “Tosca”, “Bohemia”, G. Donizetti “Love drink”, V.A. Mozart's "Don Juan", P. Tchaikovsky "Eugene Onegin", popular Italian songs and more.

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