Photo Hunting with Tenti

Tenti aims to organize tours suited for people looking to try something new and adventurous, and this special tour is just the thing for people who want to explore the untamed wildlife of Chui region! Living in Bishkek one can never think that just 150 km (one way) from Bishkek you could see deer running, right? It's possible with Tenti! We have started working with a new partner,a park ranger of the Chong Kemin National Park, who has an extensive knowledge of the wildlife of the park he protects. The guest house our host runs is also a “community based conservancy” also known as CBC meaning 25% of the proceeds from the guesthouse goes to support the activities of the park rangers.
With the onset of fall and trees changing colors into vivid autumn palette of reds oranges, golds and brown, it couldn’t have been a better time for a photo hunting expedition to capture deer, elk, and wild boar running through a myriad of autumn colors.

While on this one-of-a-kind photo expedition tour you'll:
get to meet the warm and welcoming family of park ranger
ride horses through wild land trail spot deer, elk and boars in their natural environment, and hear their calls echo throughout the woods
gather around a night time bonfire and share stories of your journey

For 2 days, feel the majesty of the mountains surrounding you from a charming hillside ranch, experience the life of a ranger as he tells his life story, his family's, and the life of the wild animals inhabiting the hills and valleys around his house, and guides you through the rugged landscape.
He'll tell you how there used to be almost no wildlife in the area, but now deer can be seen at times from his own house.

The package is 150 USD per person, and includes: transport in a private car to and from the ranch, breakfast, lunch and dinner (all cooked over an open fire in a ''kazan'' – or cauldron), accommodation, a guide, horse rental, horse riding helmets, and an experience you will not forget.

Tour Program: 

16th November
Departure: 7.00 am from Tenti Office
Activities: meals, horseback riding, bonfire

17th November
Activities: photo hunting, meals.
Arrive: 5.00 pm

If you are interested in our tour or you have questions, please contact us in the comments below or via or +996709911911

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