Feminnale art party

ololoOrmonKhan (Asanbay 27/1)

Dear Friends!
The First Feminnale of Contemporary Art needs your support!
Feminnale is the biennale of feminism which brings together feminist artists. We plan to hold the Feminnale once every two years in one of the inhabited and uninhabited (!) places of any country.
The first Feminnale (2019) will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan between November 27 and December 15 at the Kyrgyz National Fine Arts Museum named after Gapar Aitiev.
Feminnale is organised entirely by unpaid volunteers - activists from Bishkek. Our call for submissions to the Feminnale had a wide resonance across the globe and we have received great works of art. Now we need funds to pay for the expenses associated with transporting the art, bringing the artists to Bishkek, and production and installation of the exposition. That is why our team is launching a crowdfunding campaign - you can support us by depositing money directly into the electronic wallet Elsom 0555408940. You can also support our project by buying tickets (minimum suggested contribution is 500 KGS) and coming to have fun at our charity party on Friday the 15th of November in Ololo House (27/1, Asanbai microdistrict), 7-10pm.
We invite you to support the first feminist biennale and to help create an anti-patriarchal tradition! Support art for the sake of positive changes in the lives of women in Central Asia and all over the world!
If you would like to support us in other ways, please write to us on feminnale2019@gmail.com or call at 0555408940.

Other events

Diana Arbenina at PROMZONA


Starts: 28 November 2019 21:00 28-11-2019 21:00
Ends: 28 November 2019 23:59

Photo Hunting with Tenti

Chong Kemin National Park

Starts: 16 November 2019 07:00 16-11-2019 07:00
Ends: 17 November 2019 18:00

RMD | Render My Dreams

Somewhere bistro, 487/a Jibek Jolu, Bishkek

Starts: 16 November 2019 20:00 16-11-2019 20:00
Ends: 16 November 2019 23:59

"Warm" Fair at Tenti

105/3 Isanov Street, Tenti Office, Second floor

Starts: 22 November 2019 11:00 22-11-2019 11:00
Ends: 23 November 2019 18:00

Movie night

Somewhere Bistro

Starts: 17 November 2019 20:00 17-11-2019 20:00
Ends: 17 November 2019 22:00

Chamber Music Concert at the Philharmonic

Kyrgyz National Philharmonic

Starts: 28 November 2019 18:30 28-11-2019 18:30
Ends: 28 November 2019 20:00

Calvin Jones. The Paramount music

251 Chui Avenue, Kyrgyz State Philharmonic Hall

Starts: 14 December 2019 18:30 14-12-2019 18:30
Ends: 14 December 2019 21:00

Photo Exhibition: The Unpast Experience

78a Pushkin St., The Gallery of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic “Oak Park” named after S. Chuykov

Starts: 02 November 2019 15:00 02-11-2019 15:00
Ends: 16 November 2019 15:00