Full-Dome Multimedia Cinema Planetarium

st. Gorky 11/3

Project Information:
“Never before did they create such a visual aid, which would be so instructive as it is, so magical, equally acting on everyone. It is a school, theater and cinema at the same time, a school class under the vault of heaven and a performance in which celestial bodies are actors. " - wrote Danish professor Stremgren.

Did you know that the very first planetarium began its work already in the distant 1925 in Germany, although man was not destined to go into space for almost 30 years?
Hangar presents to residents and guests of Bishkek a great opportunity to "visit" the space since October!
Fascinating views of the cosmos, its galaxies, planets, satellites and meteorites will not leave anyone indifferent!
Inside the dome, the video is displayed on the entire internal surface 360 ​​degrees, so the image is transmitted to the dome with a special coating and creates a "presence effect".
Exciting films with the effect of full presence allow you to quickly absorb information, contribute to a deep perception of the material. The sessions are aimed primarily at the educational and cognitive effect, but visual shows evoke vivid emotions in the audience and can be considered entertaining content.

From October 18 to November 15
From 09: 00 - 23: 00
Ticket price: Adult: 350 s / child: 250 s
Address: Hangar Media. Bishkek, st. Gorky 11/3
Inquiries by phone: 0770772323

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