Dance of Troubled Silence

"Oak Park" named after S.A. Chuykova

Exhibition of Malika Ibragimova "Dance of Troubled Silence" is
a series of works reflecting different periods of the artist's life.
Malika recorded her certain states and discoveries,
which were accompanied by severe anxiety, denial and
later acceptance of yourself, your body, new feelings,
such as love for animals, treating animals as
species equal to man. Into self-acceptance, as she says
artist, feminism helped her. And the theme of ecology, careful and
the artist shows her caring attitude to animals
example, following the vegan path for several years.
Drawing for an artist is not a job, it is a dialogue with oneself,
a way to reflect on this world, situations in it, its
irrationality, incorrectness, strangeness.

Accepting yourself as a woman
“I was a very shy girl, because such a girl should
be. Submissive, tolerant and sweet. They told me (even
veiled) - you are the second grade, you are someone's addition. I
grew up misogynistic, although she did not accept the rules of the game that
imposed on me. I wanted to be a boy, because you can be
different and show themselves in every possible way. I was ashamed of my body and
all its manifestations, its imperfections.
I sincerely believed that I was worse than men and many women, because
they fit much better into the framework in which we
trying to drive. I don't understand my own emotions well, but I
experienced mental agony from the fact that I cannot be
beautiful and correct ”, - artist Malika Ibragimova.
Exhibition curator: Adel Ismailkhanova

The exhibition is realized with the support of the Art group

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