Documentary Film Festival - AD ASTRA

Russia Movie Theater

Aisha Sultanbekova
Kyrgyzstan, 2018
15 min., Kyrgyz
Subtitles: Russian
November 13 - 12:00
Cinema Russia
Ad astra
A dedicated teacher and his wife, Atyrkul, combine home and school work in difficult conditions. 45 minutes walk to school at 30 degrees below zero, half a meter of snow height and the lack of a bridge over the river - all this is not reason for residents to skip school in an isolated mountain village Kyrgyzstan Chatkale. This short documentary describes not only the life challenges and everyday difficulties of students and the teachers they have to go through to get there to school, but also the beauty of commitment and serenity, and perhaps the naive happiness of children, due to the fact that they are able to find children's fun in a ruthless environment, as well as appeasement, ignoring everything that surrounds them.


Aisha Sultanbekova - American graduate University of Central Asia, faculty journalism and mass communication which unexpectedly finished removing it short film. Born in a distant area of ​​Kyrgyzstan in 1996 and faced with many difficulties described in the film. Ad astra is her first project in directing, embodied in accordance with the requirements writing a graduation paper that was must be developed for graduation

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