Feminnale of Contemporary Art

196 Abdyrakhmanov Street, Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts


"Breadwinners/Nurses". Economic freedom. Women.

Dates: November 27 - December 15, 2019

Curators: Altyn Kapalova & Zhanna Araeva.

The Feminnale of Contemporary Art is the Biennale of Feminism (yes, almost like a triumph of feminism), it collects artists with a feminist stance who in their works show social abscesses that prevent them from reaching a healthy reality - without gender inequality and violence. The Feminnale will open on November 27 and will last 17 days: 17 labor migrants (women) burned down in a printing house in Moscow on the 27th day of 3 years ago.

In 2019, the Feminnale is dedicated to the topic of women's economic freedom - a breadwinner nurse; nurse breakfast-lunch-dinner; the nurse of the parents-husbands; a nurse who must bring money to the family. Who is the nurse? A woman feeding babies from the ducts of her breast? A woman responsible (according to the canons of the patriarchal society) for cooking for all family members? A woman who provides a family financially? A woman who is leaving for labor migration to feed households? How much economic freedom does the nurse have?

The FemBiennale collects artists from different countries without restrictions in the technique of performing works. The selection of work is carried out by the curators. The Feminnale will be held every two years in one of the populated or uninhabited areas of any country and will be accompanied by events that increase the participation of communities in improving the status of women towards overcoming gender inequality and violence against women.

The exhibition Feminale'19 will feature works that create an environment that affects all channels of perception: smell, hearing, tactility, vision. Everyone was invited to participate, regardless of the gender identity of the artists.


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