Winter Bike Race "Frost-Country"

Karagachev grove

Cross-country competition "Frost-Country" will be held in Karagachev grove on February 9, at 10:00.  Participation fee: 400 soms. References: 0550694888, 0500694888 (Yaroslav).

Feel the spirit of the passing winter! Feel the true freshness of the morning, swallow adrenaline and get prizes!


General Provisions

Open competitions (hereinafter referred to as Competitions) in Mountain Bike (mountain bike) in the Cross-Country discipline "Frost-Country" are held in Karagachev Grove, in support of events aimed at the development of mountain biking as a sport and active leisure among youth.

1. Goals and objectives

1.1. The goals and objectives of the Competition are:

- Popularization of cycling in Kyrgyzstan;
- attracting young people to mountain biking;
- propaganda of a healthy lifestyle in the youth environment;
- Strengthening diverse contacts between various youth teams, collectives and individual participants.

2. Organization

2.1. The organizer of the Competition is Youzefovich Yaroslav (TouR-Bikers Federation of Cycling and Bicycle Tourism) with the support of the Sun House Team EVENT Association

2.2. Co-organizers of the Competition may be state bodies and public organizations of all levels, legal entities and individuals that finance the Competition, as well as providing organizational, informational and intellectual support to the organizers of the Competition.

3. Dates and venue

3.1. Date  of the Competition: February 9, 2020.
3.2. Competition Venue: Bishkek, Karagachevaya Grove Park.

4. Registration

4.1. Pre-registration will take place from January 17 to February 2, 2020. Basic registration: on the day of the event from 10:00 to 11:00.

4.2. When registering at the start, the participant personally fills out the registration form, signs a receipt, statement and pays the mandatory entry fee in the amount of 400 soms. Participants of the category "Women" pay a fee of 300 soms, participants of the category "Veterans" are exempt from payment. The participant is given a number indicating the payment of the entry fee and giving the right to exit to the start.

5. The order of the competition

5.1. Pre-registered individual racers in any of 4 categories participate in the Competition: Elite, Master Class, Women and Veterans (50 years and older). The Competition may be attended by persons who have reached the age of majority, as well as sixteen years of age, with the written permission of the parents, or official guardians.

5.2. Participants are allowed to compete in the presence of a mountain bike with a wheel diameter of 26, 27.5, 28 and 29 inches of any model, a bicycle helmet, an identity document (passport, birth certificate). It is also recommended that all participants use additional protection for their legs and arms (knee pads, elbow pieces).

5.3. Each cyclist bears personal responsibility for the state of his health, the technical condition of the bicycle, the adequacy of his actions throughout the distance, which is reflected in the signature of the established sample signed by him.

5.4. The organizers reserve the right to prevent a participant from riding a bicycle whose technical condition does not comply with generally accepted standards.

5.5. The organizers have the right to transfer the rider to another category or to not be allowed to start without giving reasons.

6. Competition Program:

February 9, 2020:
10: 00-11: 00 Registration of participants.
11:15 - Preview of the track, the start of the race
13:00 - summing up the results of the competition, preparation of award material;
13:15 - rewarding of winners and prize-winners of competitions, solemn closing;

6.2. Type of track:

The route is circular, with natural obstacles. The distance is about 2.5 kilometers.
Elite Category - 7 Laps
Category "Master Class" - 6 circles
Veterans Category - 5 Laps
Category "Girls" - 5 circles

8. Determination of winners and awarding

8.1. Summing up the competition and rewarding is carried out at the end of the competition at the venue of the competition. Prizes are the first 3 places in each category of competition.

8.2. The winner is the participant who has passed the specified number of laps for his category in less time.

9. Final provision

9.1. The founders of the competition have the right to make operational changes to the program, with the corresponding notification of all official participants.

9.2. All disputes and conflicts that arise during the competition are resolved by the head judge and participants no later than 15 minutes in writing from the end of the race.
9.3 Each competitor is personally responsible for the state of their health, the adequacy of their actions over the course and the quality of the equipment used, which is reflected in the signature of the established sample signed by him.

10. Contact

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