Ballet: Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet
Ballet in two acts. Libretto after the tragedy of the same name by William Shakespeare. Sergei Prokofiev, Sergei Radlov, Adrian Piotrovsky

Music by Sergei Prokofiev
Choreography by L. Lavrovsky as revised by Valentin Grischenko
Costumes Yulia Zhuravleva


Action one

Early morning. Romeo does not sleep. He wanders through the deserted streets of Verona, dreaming of love. Little by little, the square is filled with people. Meanwhile, young Juliet is amusing herself with her nurse, who dresses her to the ball. Benvolio and Romeo's loyal friend, the merry fellow of Mercutio, persuade Romeo to go to the ball to Capulet. To remain unrecognized, young people from the Montecchi family put on masks and go to the festival. Ball in the house of Capulet. Romeo and his friends enter the room. Romeo is struck by the beauty of Juliet. Taking advantage of the fact that Tybalt takes Paris from Juliet, Romeo approaches the girl. He does not hide his delight and admiration. Romeo's accidentally dropped mask reveals his face to Juliet's gaze. But Romeo is recognized by Tybalt and, fearing possible complications, hurries to leave the house. Juliet is still impressed by the meeting with Romeo. Who is this beautiful young man? Moonlight night. Romeo appears. They confess each other their love and swear fidelity. Verona Square is noisy and fun. Juliet's nurse, on behalf of her young lady, hands Romeo a note. Pater Lorenzo spends his days in his cell. Romeo begs him to secretly bond the union between him and Juliet. Lorenzo promises his help, hoping with this marriage to reconcile the warring families of Montecchi and Capulet. Juliet appears. Lorenzo performs the wedding ceremony. Mercutio, Benvolio and their friends are having fun. Appearing on the bridge, Tybalt notices his enemies and, grabbing his sword, rushes to Mercutio. Romeo wants to make peace, but to no avail. Between Tybalt and Mercutio, a battle ensues. Romeo tries to separate them, but Tybalt, seizing the moment, from the arm of Romeo inflicts a fatal blow to Mercutio. The death of a friend enrages Romeo. Having drawn his sword, he challenges Tybalt to a duel and kills him. Relatives of the murdered man, gathered near his body, swear in eternal revenge on the family of Montecchi.

Second action

Romeo must say goodbye to Juliet. He is expelled from Verona. The morning rays of the sun burst into the room. The nurse tries in vain to console Juliet. Parents appear. Paris is with them. Juliet learns about her wedding, listens to the recognition of the groom, but resolutely refuses to obey the will of her parents. After the departure of Paris, a hail of rebuke falls upon the girl. The will of Capulet is adamant. Juliet is in despair. She decides to consult with Pater Lorenzo. Conquered by the girl’s boundless love for Romeo, the pater gives her a potion: after drinking it, Juliet will fall into a dream, everyone will decide that she has died, and her body in the open - as usual - coffin will be taken to the ancient crypt of Capulet. Lorenzo will notify Romeo, who is hiding in Mantua, about this. The young man will immediately return to Verona, find Juliet awakening and take with him to Mantua, where unclouded days of happiness will come for them.

Returning home, Juliet feignedly obeys the will of her parents. After drinking a drink, she falls asleep. Her parents come, the Nurse drops the canopy by the bed, and everyone freezes in horror: Juliet is dead ... Romeo hurries to Verona. Cemetery in Verona. Romeo appears. He cannot take his eyes off his beloved. She is dead - and life has lost its meaning for him. Romeo drinks poison and falls at Juliet's feet. Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo spread out at her feet. She leans toward him. The boy's lips are already cold. The dagger of Romeo Juliet inflicts a mortal blow. Montecchi and Capulet are stupidly looking at the dead bodies of their children. Silently they hold out each other’s hands ... Montecchi and Capuletti’s long-standing feuds have ended at the cost of the lives of two lovers ...

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