Swan Lake

Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Bishkek
28-05-2022 17:00

Swan Lake is an outstanding ballet to the music of the brilliant Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in the recognized classical production of Marius Petipa was presented on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater in 1895. The romantic images of Swan Lake excite both adults and young spectators, inspire the creative choreographers and choreographers of the whole world. This is a great work, a well-known and beloved publication of different countries, symbolizing ballet art in general, which has become the property of the golden fund of world culture. The ballet Swan Lake is a story about eternal and beautiful love, betrayal, good and evil.

The plot is based on an old German legend about a beautiful girl. Selfless love and fidelity can only remove the spell from her. The romantic young man Prince Siegfried falls on a magical lake, sees Odette, finds his ideal in her, falls in love and takes an oath of allegiance. But the Evil Genius stands in the way of realizing the Prince’s dream ...
Happy holiday, he continues to delight the hearts and souls of the audience.

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