Opera in three acts, with a prologue, according to the libretto by A. Borodin, based on the old Russian epic poem "The Word about Igor's Regiment" Staged in 2016.

Conductor - Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Nurmatbek Polotov
Stage Director - Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Iskender Sartbaev
Production Designer - People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Maratbek Sharafidinov
- People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Marina Lastochkina Choirmaster
- Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Karagul Tilenchiev Concertmasters
- Honored Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Irina Armanova, Julia Babich, Nabira Dzhaksalieva, Dzhipara Ibraimova, Nurzhan Toktobekova

A source for a libretto written by the author himself with the participation of V.V. Stasov, served as a monument of ancient Russian literature "The Word of Igor's Campaign", which tells about the unsuccessful campaign of Prince Igor against the Polovtsy. The opera premiered on October 23 (November 4), 1890 at the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater.

The opera was written for 18 years, but in 1887 the composer passed away and the opera remained unfinished. According to A.P. Borodin completed work


Alexander Glazunov and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The action takes place in Putivl and in the Polovtsian camp in 1185.

Theater events can be purchased at the theater box office and at ticket.kg
Tickets cost 100-450 soms. The number of seats in the hall is limited.

When visiting the theater, observance of the mask regime is mandatory (you must have medical masks with you)!
After the third bell, the entrance to the auditorium is prohibited!


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