The Sacred Horse of the Heavenly Mountains

Bilimkana Arena, Bishkek, Ch. Aitmatov Ave. 1

Horses were and remain iconic animals in Kyrgyz culture. In many folklore works, there is an inextricable, almost mystical connection between the rider and his war horse. In the Kyrgyz epic "Manas", simultaneously with the hero, his future faithful companion, the horse Toruchaar, is born. Among the mountain aboriginal horses there is a special breed - Chaar zhylky, a horse breed that stands out for its unusual forelock color, known in the world as the Appaloosa. The spotted horse Chaar zhylky has been valued and bred by Kyrgyz nomads since ancient times, from the Altai Mountains to Central Asia. Unfortunately, in the modern history of the Chaar zhylky, along with other horses of the Kyrgyz breed, they have undergone many losses and hardships. Munarbek Kuldanbaev, breeder of spotted horses Chaar, and the Seventh Heaven Creative Studio invite you on January 23, 2021, to become a part of the cultural and educational initiative “Chaar Suluu - the sacred horse of the heavenly mountains”, the purpose of which is to preserve the gene pool of the available breeds of Chaar Zhylyka and its popularization, as the ancestor of many cultural horse breeds of nomadic peoples. At the evening you can taste exquisite drinks from the wine house "DesCombe" and "Han's", treats and delicious desserts from "Cupncake", see the show of the "Chaar Suluu" collection and enjoy live music in the style of "New age" from the unique ensemble "Kyrgyz kayryk". Among the guests will be raffled off a certificate for a romantic dinner at the Taste Asia cafe chain.

Venue: Bilimkana Arena, Bishkek, Ch. Aitmatov Ave. 1
Date: January 23, 2021
Start: 18:00
Dress code: evening
Ticket price: 1500 som
Tickets can be purchased by phone:+996 500 06 20 09. Payment is made by email using the same number.

For those wishing to personally communicate with Munarbek Kuldanbayev about Chaar zhylky, a dinner will be organized at the restaurant. The cost of the dinner is $ 100. We express special gratitude to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic for their support, and personally to Tilek Toktogaziev for striving to preserve the aboriginal culture of the Kyrgyz horse Chaar.

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