"Kyzyl Alma" ("Red Apple")

Bishkek City Drama Theater

"Kyzyl Alma" ("Red Apple") lyric drama based on the story of the same name by Chyngyz Aitmatov

The story "Red Apple", the meaning of which is simple and mysterious at the same time, will be relevant at all times. Human feelings are something that is not subject to time and fashion. Are we able to value our loved ones, take care of our relationships? Sometimes a person needs a powerful impetus to realize his own love, like the main character of a short story by Chyngyz Torekulovich. Misunderstanding, quarrels, clarification of relations that happen in every family, became the reason for the separation of Isabekov and his wife. It would seem that an insignificant event, Isabekov's walk with his daughter Anara and an accidental find, a big red apple, became the starting point for realizing how important his wife and daughter were to him. Mentally, our hero is transferred to his youth, when he offered exactly the same apple to the girl he liked and was rejected. At that moment, he realized that there is only one woman who wants to give apples every day - his wife Sabira. The viewer will not see the denouement, the final finale, becoming a witness to the sudden inspiration of the protagonist: for a long time Isabekov lived next to an amazing woman whom he underestimated.

The red apple becomes a symbol of true love, and the story itself will make us think about our life values ​​and relationships. Do we know how to admit our mistakes or do we lose stupidly for life?

The production group of the performance put into the work all the wealth of artistic means and, most importantly, their soul and love. The stage director, author of the staging and musical arrangement is the Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic Nurlan Asanbekov. His performance is a deeply emotional performance filled with complex inner experiences. The stage designer - the honored cultural figure Yuldash Nurmatov and the costume designer Zukhra Mukambetova created a unique atmosphere - breathing, simple and understandable. The choreographer of the performance is the Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic Sergey Streltsov. The performance is imbued with the music of classical composers and the poetry of Juan Ramon Jimenez. The main roles in the play will be played by talented young actors Ainura Ismailova, Aizada Sapyanova (Sabira) and Chagaldak Zamirbekov (Isabekov).

Theater address: Chui Avenue 28.
Ticket price: 300 som.
Phone for inquiries: 53-04-42; 0 (500) 20-10-67,
email: bgdt.kg@mail.ru;
website: http://www.bgdt.kg

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