The World-Moment (parabel)

Bishkek City Drama Theater


Staging of the play "Baby and Mom" ​​by A. Zinchuka

Production group:
Idea and staging - B. Parmanov
Plastic director - S. Streltsov
Scenography, costume - Z. Mukambetova
Мusic - Т. Beisheev, У. Belekbaev
Sound - Turusbek uulu Azamat
Video - E. Baryshnikov
Light - Sulaimanov Bekzat.

Acting persons and performers:
Mama (Olenikha) - Aizada Sapyanova
Baby (Detyonysh Olenihi) -
Jackal - Jusupbek uulu Emil
Leader (Wolf) - Oskombaev Marat, Dzhumabekov Gulchoro
Shadow - Ismailova Ainura and Kubanychbek kyzy Yryskul.
Traveler (Man) - Baiysh uulu Ryspek.

The Parable of the Baby and His Mother. She teaches him to live according to the laws of Nature and in harmony with it. The kid encounters reality and the beauty of this vast world. The kid himself has a long way to go in this life of his own plath. The decition should be by him. What kind of life path does he choose for himself?
This parable tells the story of a traveler - Man….

By searching you, mind me, you go
And do not get tired for a hundred times a day:
“Appreciate the moment of communication with friends!
You are a meadow, but skewed, you will not grow up again! ”

The world is an instant, and I am in it - an instant one.
How many breaths do I have to do for a moment?
Be cheerful, live! This is a branded building
Nobody knows how to rule.
Do not be afraid of the intrigues of the running heavens.
You have no friends, and you do not know your enemies.
Not hoping for tomorrow, live today,
Become your own at least for a moment.

Omar Khayyam

The premiere took place on October 6, 2005.
Time: February 27, 14:00                                    
Ticket price: 100 som (children's), 200 som (adult)

Bishkek city dramatic theater named after A. Umuralieva 
Bishkek, ave. Chui 28, Tel .: 46-44-17, 53-04-42 Fax: 46-44-17 email:

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