Zivert in Bishkek!

Sport Palace named after Kozhomkul
27-10-2022 18:30

Zivert - Life is high! 

Music, love, laughter - this is all about her! One of the most incendiary and favorite Russian artists Zivert will perform in Bishkek

What awaits the lucky ones who come to the concert? Hits that conquered the first lines of all charts. Amazingly strong voice of Zivert. Light and powerful energy. And an explosion of emotions on how cool and talented Julia knows how to manage feelings. 

Add to this the bright choreography, spectacular light and sound show - and... hurry up to buy tickets! Because the "Golden Gramophone" winner for the hit "Credo" and ten other prestigious Zivert awards will perform juicy new songs from the studio album "Vinyl #2" the singer has been working on for two (!) years. Don't be sick - remember the hits "Multitudes", "YATL". Even more grown-up music, even more touching lyrics and personal stories. 

We have nothing more to be silent about - a grand Zivert concert. Whoever makes it in time gets to the concert!

Ticket price - 1800-8000 som

+996 704 144 155


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Zivert in Bishkek!

Sport Palace named after Kozhomkul

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