Solo exhibition of Khalida Shimova

Galery M branch in TSUM 2 Aychurok , 4th floor/413 and Art Hall.

Khalida Shimova's solo exhibition

Date: 29 April - 20 May 2021, Gallery M.

On 29 April Galereya M will open to Bishkek residents and visitors the immense world of creativity of the remarkable artist Halida Shimova. At her personal exhibition, Halida Shimova will present 50 new large format paintings, executed in oil painting technique and painting on silk (ink, watercolour, acrylic). 
Halida Shimova is a painter, graduate of the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad, member of the USSR Union of Architects, member of the Union of Artists of the KR, the First Prize winner of the Turksoy International Foundation and Gold Medal winner of the International Exhibition in New York, USA.
The richest fantasy world Khalida transfers on the cloths. She either embodies a fairy-tale unreal world, or is inspired by Dungan themes, the world of music and ballet, or paints small scenes in everyday life. She focuses on children and toilers, musicians and puppeteers. 
In her genre paintings she seeks to convey the individual uniqueness of man and his environment. Hence the close attention to the slightest detail or the smallest phenomenon of life, which gives her painting great emotional expressiveness. Her technique is meticulous; she best reproduces the nuances of nature: a bee on ripe pears, bread crumbs on snow, a poppy field; in her sketches Khalida tries to capture the smell and taste of the objects. The narrative sketches are a product of the author's imagination. All paintings convey a certain state - nostalgia or quiet contemplation.
The storyline and manner of Khalida Shimova's painting is completely different. A good example is a series of new works entitled Family (2021), Alternatives (2020) and House on Wheels (2021). 
There is colour in the works, and a leisurely description of being and mystery in the stories. Positive attitudes, a positive outlook, a belief in the best, and pleasant emotions and sincerity.
And therein lies her main creative secret, allowing her to create her special paintings, which one looks at with the eyes and sees with the heart.
To this day Khalida Shimova takes an active part in exhibitions, both in the Republic and abroad. 
And to see the exhibition live is possible by prior arrangement, taking all precautionary measures.

The number of visitors is limited.


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