Symphonic poem "Creation of the World"

The Kyrgyz State Opera and Ballet

"Creation of the World" Symphonic Poem
Mikhail Kirchhoff is chief conductor of the Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra, chief conductor of the Kaliningrad Musical Theatre, artistic director and chief conductor of the Eurasian Stars Festival, chief conductor of the Ak Ertis Festival and president of the Eurasian Art Development Fund.

Lecturer of the State Maritime Polytechnic Institute named after Ippolitov-Ivanov.

Born in 1982 in Moscow. Initial musical education at the A.V. Sveshnikov Academy of Choral Art.
Graduated with honours from the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatoire in 2009.
From 2010-2012 worked in the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Theatre (Turkey).
From 2012-2017 he worked at the Samsun State Opera and Ballet Theatre (Turkey).

From 2018-2020 Principal Guest Conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra "Academy of Soloists" (Kazakhstan)

Conducted 10 performances in 2019 as part of the Karaganda Musical Comedy Theatre's tour to Almaty.

In 2019-2020 conducted a joint tour with Gaik Kazazyan, Boris Andrianov and Philip Kapachevsky to cities in Russia (Moscow, Saratov, Bryansk, Tambov, Barnaul, Astrakhan)

He has performed with various orchestras in Russia, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Kazakhstan, Latvia and other countries.

Reader - Honoured Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic Assol Moldokmatova

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