Festival "OIMO"

Bishkek, area near the movie theater “Ala-Too”

Since ancient times, Central Asia has been populated by numerous nomadic and sedentary peoples and ethnic groups. The region is characterized by a rich cultural diversity as well as the interaction and interpenetration of different cultures, each of which is original.

Craftsmen, being carriers of traditional culture, from ancient times contributed not only to cultural exchange but also to the development of market relations in the region. This tradition continues successfully today, as exemplified by the Oimo International Festival of Traditional Culture and Crafts (Oimo, for short), which has been held in Kyrgyzstan since 2006.

The festival demonstrates a dialogue between a dynamic nomadic world and the ancient Central Asian cities as cultural centers, a meeting of written and oral tangible and intangible cultures. At present, the idea of cultural partnership and dialogue among representatives of different countries and peoples has acquired special significance as a stabilizing factor in the world, including the Central Asian region.

In the festival program:

- parade of participants and guests of the festival

- workshops for children and adults on traditional craft technologies

- fashion show in the style of "ethno" from Kyrgyz and foreign designers

- presentations of creative youth

- performances of manaschi, dastans and musical groups

- showing of animated films and clips on the themes of history and culture.

The craft fair will spread its tents in continuation of the traditions of the Great Silk Road. Artisans from different countries will exhibit their products: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, India and others.

When: July 29 -August 1, 2022

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