Meditative performance at Baan Baan South!

Yunusalieva street 71
17-06-2022 19:00

BaanBaanSouth Cafe is more than just food. But also an amazing atmosphere, an immersion in beauty, a sense of home, and a lot of creativity. And so once again - which means it's become a tradition - I'm announcing #meditativeperformance!

On the evening of June 17, this Friday, we'll have the @ethnotrans team performing on the second floor . The guys are making live music, playing tambourines and drums. It won't just be a concert. It will be a musical meditative performance where you can become direct participants.

Come to be recharged! Distract yourself from your daily routine. Feel the power that harmonizes body, mind, emotions, mind, space and time.

This event is interactive, you can join in, create your own rhythm, pozvuchit voice and even dance - in the final part to the sound of tambourines will be a beautiful dance performance. The music connected us!


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