G. Aitiev CNMI
01-08-2022 10:00

"Color Therapy" from the funds of the G. Aitiev CNMI.

Working period: July 01 - August 10, 2022.
Location: 196 Abdrakhmanova str.

"In the reflections of color our life" by W. Goethe.

Color therapy has long and very successfully used in the people and has an impact on people's perception of the world, variously colored light that can affect the mood, inner state and make vital decisions. Color therapy is a method of treatment with color. A person sees the world in colors, color is everywhere. Everyone has their own favorite color. But despite this, we rarely think about the importance of color in our lives.
This has been going on for thousands of years and was of interest to ancient thinkers and doctors. Thus color therapy was born, which today is widely used in psychology, sociology, some branches of medicine and many other areas.
Recently, it has become fashionable to use the hidden meanings of colors. For example, everywhere are used: yellow, which improves thinking activity, red - the color of fire, energy, black - for funerals, white - for weddings, and green calms and soothes. In technical systems, red is anxiety, yellow is attention, and green is safety.
The stock exhibition "Color Therapy" was organized to enhance the aesthetic, psychological and moral mood of connoisseurs of the beautiful, in these turbulent times, by the method of color therapy. There are 46 wonderful works of art: 20 paintings, 11 drawings, 5 sculptures and 15 works of arts and crafts.
Most of the works are still life - one of the few but adequately represented genres in the collection of the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after G. Aitiev. The prototype of still life was the most ancient art of representing objects that existed with the ancient Egyptians, and then it was embodied in mosaics and wall paintings of interiors in the period of antiquity. However, for all its antiquity, the art of depicting objects formed an independent pictorial genre only by the 17th century.
Most of the works on display are extraordinarily lyrical, graceful, beautiful in color and have not been in museum exhibitions for a long time, or were presented to the viewer for the first time.
All of these works are united by the floral decor that adorns these objects and fits the theme of the exhibition.

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