Music show "12 musicals"

Kyrgyz National Philharmonic
22-02-2024 18:30

For the first time in Bishkek the show “12 Musicals”, a unique symbiosis of vocals, choreography, video effects based on the world’s most popular musicals!

The program includes everyone’s favorite hits from the musicals “Monte Cristo”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Chicago”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Count Orlov”, “Metro”, “Cats” , “Vampire Ball”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “Chaplin”, “Mama Mia”.

Superstars of Russian musicals take part in a bright, dynamic theatrical show:

• Vladimir Dybsky - Edmond Dantes in "Monte Cristo", Hamlet in "Hamlet" and Julien Portal in the musical "Hotel of Two Worlds", roles in "Todd", "The Wedding of the Jays", "Romeo and Juliet".

• Andrei Belyavsky - Quasimodo in "Notre Dame de Paris" and Count Orlov in the production of the same name, roles in the musicals "Scarlet Sails", "West Side Story", "Romeo and Juliet", "Catch Me If You Can".

• Andrey Shkoldychenko - musical “The Phantom of the Opera”, rock opera “Juno and Avos” (Aleksey Rybnikov Theatre), “Hipsters” (Theater of Nations), “Mayakovsky” (Theater of the Moon).

• Anna Lukoyanova - Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”, Ali in “Mama Mia”, roles in productions of “Zorro”, “Ball of the Vampires”, “Hipsters”.

• Irina Perova - musicals “Cats”, “12 Chairs”, “Toothy Nanny”, “Scarlet Sails”, “Nord-Ost”, “Crime and Punishment”.

• Roman Grafov - musicals “Vampire Ball”, “Once Upon a Time in Odessa”, “Crime and Punishment”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Chess”.

• Anna Vershkova - musicals “Monte Cristo”, “Count Orlov”, “Ball of the Vampires”, “Little Shop of Horrors”.

• The highlight of the show is electric violinist Vladimir Vett with a bright style of performance and powerful energy.

The fusion of impeccable vocals with polished choreography, chic costumes and acrobatic performances with video installations and instant changes of scenery produce a simply fantastic impression!

Hurry up to book your tickets, it's expected to be sold out!!!

Duration: 3 hours, with intermission.

Cost: 1500 - 4500 soms.

Call: (0-557) 020-676, (0-700) 172-525.

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Music show "12 musicals"

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