• Yurt Camp Bayish


"Yurt Camp Baiysh" is a family owned yurt camp at the famous alpine lake, Song-Kul. Our yurt camp is located on the south shore of the lake and is accessible from the south road leading from the Ak-Talaa region of the Naryn Province. After coming up the pass to Song-Kul, we will be second yurt camp on your left hand side. Song-Kul is a popular destination to experience yurt life in a spectacular setting. 
In Kyrgyzstan, there is a big emphasis on family and we recognize this and invite you to be part of our family for as long as your stay allows! We genuinely want to meet and connect with travelers from all countries and all walks of life. We hope you love Song-Kul as much as we do! 

We have a signs of yurt camp, so you can find us easier. However, these are also simple directions so we can help make your life easier 
From Naryn city: Take the main road that leads west. After a little over an hour, you will reach a turn off with a gas station (a blue sign on it will say КУРТКА), take a right. That will be the road that leads you all the way up to Song-Kul. After you reach the lake, our yurt camp is the second yurt camp on your left hand side. 
From Baetov: Same directions as from Naryn except at the gas station and the blue sign, you will take a left instead of a right. 
From Jalalabad/Kazarman: You will come out on the road that leads to Song-Kul (you will not be able to go straight any longer). Take a left on that road, that will lead you all the way to Song-Kul.

Accommodation amenities

Board games
Wooden Stove Heater
Pit Latrine
Wheelchair Accessible
Camping Area


In addition to your night’s stay in one of our comfortable yurts and three delicious meals, we also offer the most optional activities at Song-Kul! (Additional rates apply). They include:
• Cooking classes for Kyrgyz cuisine in a picturesque setting 
• Guided horse-back riding
• Kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) health treatment
• Concert with Kyrgyz traditional instruments 
• Felting classes (Traditional Kyrgyz designs)


Horseback riding

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What happens after I request a booking?

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