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  • Let's Wander Kyrgyzstan!

    Known for its pristine turquoise waters and stunning views, Kel-Suu is quickly becoming a must see destination in Kyrgyzstan. Kel-Suu translates to coming water, referring to the fact that the lake routinely drains completely then refills. The lake formed as the result of a landslide sometime in the 1980s and is therefore a relatively recent addition to Kyrgyzstan's scenic destinations. Located just 12km from the Chinese border and over 3500m above sea level Kel-Suu is also one of the countries most remote destinations. To get to there we will drive on rough roads, pass through secure border checkpoints, and trek on horseback. However, it will all be worth it once we arrive at the otherworldly landscape of Kel-Suu. Whether there is water or not, with its staggering mountain peaks, mysterious caves, and picturesque beauty, Kel-Suu is truly a sight to behold.

    We'll start our journey to from Bishkek. On the way we'll make our first stop in Tokmok at Burana Tower. A famous destination itself, this tower and mausoleum complex are the last remains of ancient city of Balasagun. Take some time to relax, and wander the grounds. Make sure to climb to the top of the tower for some beautiful views of area. We'll arrive in Naryn in the late afternoon. Take advantage of some free time before dinner to explore the town. Our second day we'll start with a visit to the 15th century caravansary, Tash Rabat. Explore the complex and imagine yourself as a traveler or trader on the marvelous Silk Road. We'll eat lunch in the shadow of this silk road relic before heading to our ultimate destination Kel-Suu. When we arrive we'll have dinner with our host then warm up around a roaring bonfire. The third day is the moment you have been waiting for! In the morning we'll saddle our horses and ride through unimaginable scenery to the shores of Kel-Suu. After riding over the last crest you're sure to have your breath taken away by your sublime surroundings. You'll have plenty of time to snap some amazing photos while you explore the cliffs and caves around the lake. Check with us ahead of time if there is water in the lake and for an extra fee we can bring kayaks on the tour too. On day four of our tour we'll return to Naryn but first, on the way we'll take an excursion to Shaar Waterfall. Here we have the option to trek or ride horses to the waterfall. When we arrive we'll break for a late picnic lunch on the shores of the river. After we take some time to explore the area we'll head back to Naryn City where we'll spend the evening. Our tour to Kel-Suu ends with our transfer back to Bishkek.

    • Day 1

      Bishkek to Naryn with Detour to Burana Tower

    • Day 2

      Naryn, Tash-Rabat, and Kel-Suu

    • Day 3


    • Day 4

      Kel-Suu, Shaar Waterfall, and Naryn City

    • Day 5

      Naryn, Bishkek

    • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat
    • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat
    • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat
    • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat
    • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat
    • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat
  • Tour dates and prices

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      3 pax (480 per person) 1450$ BOOK NOW
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    • Dates don’t fit your plans? Don’t worry, we’re flexible! We can arrange this tour just for you.  Just contact us with your preferred dates and we’ll take care of everything else.  Our personalized service lets you design the perfect vacation for you. Best part: When you choose your own dates your departure is guaranteed! Plan your trip for friends and family, with the peace of mind that everything is pre-arrange by our experts at Tenti. 

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    • Day 1

      Bishkek to Naryn with Detour to Burana Tower

      We'll leave Bishkek in the morning for Naryn. You can't travel to Kyrgyzstan without visiting our most famous landmark Burana Tower. We'll take a short detour to the UNESCO complex before continuing on to Naryn. When we get to Naryn you'll have free time to explore the city. Take this time to visit the bazaar, one of the many handicraft shops, or any of the beautiful parks that dot the city. We'll meet back up again for dinner either at the hotel or our favorite dinner spot in town.

    • Day 2

      Naryn, Tash-Rabat, and Kel-Suu

      On the second day of our tour we'll begin with a trip to Tash Rabat after breakfast. When we arrive we'll have time to explore one of the last intact Silk Road Caravansaries. When we're done with our wanderings we'll sit down for a picnic lunch at one of the nearby yurt camps. Next we'll head to our evening accommodations near Kel-Suu lake. Here we'll have dinner with our hosts before setting up a bonfire where we can hang out for the remainder of the night.

    • Day 3


      After breakfast we'll ride horses to the shores of Kel-Suu lake where we'll have a full day to explore this stunning destination. We'll ride back to the yurt camp in the evening for dinner and time to relax.

    • Day 4

      Kel-Suu, Shaar Waterfall, and Naryn City

      We'll leave Kel-Suu behind early in the morning so we can visit Shaar Waterfall. The waterfall is said to be the tallest in Central Asia and is stunning to behold. To get there we'll have to trek in on horseback. When we arrive we'll sit down to a picnic lunch on the banks of the river. Once we're done exploring the area, we'll trek back out to the car and transfer back to Naryn where we'll spend the night.

    • Day 5

      Naryn, Bishkek

      After breakfast and some free time in the morning we'll transfer back to Bishkek. End of tour.

    • Is This Tour For You?
    • What's Included
      • A professional and qualified, English speaking tour leader

      • All land transport required by the itinerary (Comfort level SUVs equipped with WIFI where available) - 3 people per vehicle

      • All accommodation based on Double Occupancy. (Single supplement available contact your Tenti Rep. for additional fees)

      • All meals as required by the itinerary

      • Horse Rental and Guide for both Kel-Suu and Sharr Waterfall

      • Site entrance fees

      • Border Pass

    • What's Excluded
      • International airfares

      • Travel insurance

      • Consular fees for Kyrgyzstan tourist visa

      • Kyrgyzstan visa support

      • All personal expenses; including alcoholic beverages

      • Boat Rental in Kel-Suu ($100)

      • Charges for additional services

    • Accommodations

      All accommodations for the duration of the tour will be provided. (2 nights guesthouse or hotel, 2 nights yurt camp)

    • Meals

      During the tour meals will be provided per the itinerary.  Most meals will be prepared specially for the group by each destination's host.  

      Please inform Tenti of any food allerigies or dietary restrictions when booking your tour, so we can ensure your meal is prepared properly.

    • Recommended Packing


      • Sunscreen

      • Bug-spray

      • SPF-rated lip balm

      • Sunglasses

      • Water bottles (preferably with filtration system)

      • Hiking boots or shoes

      • Backpack

      • Spare eyeglasses or contact lenses

      • Prescription medication

      • Personal First Aid Kit

      • Toiletries

      • If you are prone to altitude sickness we recommend bringing medication with you.  You can't find altitiude medication in Bishkek. 

      Clothing & Footwear Packing List

      • Moisture-wicking T-shirts

      • Moisture-wicking underwear

      • Quick-drying pants/shorts

      • Long-sleeve shirt (for sun, bugs)

      • Sun-shielding hats

      • Boots or shoes suited to terrain

      • Socks (synthetic or wool)

      • Sleepwear

      • Rainwear (jacket and pants)

      • Clothing that is easily layered for cold climates

      • A lightweight cold weather jacket

      • Winter Hat

      • Gloves

      • Scarf

    • Climate
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