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  • Let's Wander Kyrgyzstan!

    Kyrgyzstan is a country of hidden lakes just waiting to be discovered.  Each of these lakes are beautiful, unique, and well-worth a visit.  However, one of our absolute favorites is Kol-Tor lake in Kegeti gorge.  Kegeti village is just about an hour and a half drive from the captial of Bishkek, making it the perfect place to escape the city and commune with nature.  The beauty of Kegeti gorge is like speckled with wildflowers and crisscrossed with babbling streams, but the true standout is the lake itself.  Gorgeous year-round, its saturated turquoise water seems to change its intensity with the weather, so no two visits feel the same.  Once you discover Kol-tor you'll want to go back again and again.  

    • Day 1


    • Kol-Tor Day Hike
    • Kol-Tor Day Hike
  • Tour dates and prices

    • Dates Price Status MORE INFORMATION
    • Person Economy Comfort More information
      1 Person ($150 per person) $150 N/A BOOK NOW
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      2 Persons ($75 per person) $150 N/A BOOK NOW
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      3 Persons ($50 per person) $150 N/A BOOK NOW
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      4 Persons ($45 per person) $180 N/A BOOK NOW
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      5 Persons ($35 per person) $175 N/A BOOK NOW
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      6 Persons ($30 per person) $180 N/A BOOK NOW
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      7 Persons ($25 per person) $175 BOOK NOW
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      8 Persons ($25 per person) $200 N/A BOOK NOW
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      9 Persons ($25 per person) $225 N/A BOOK NOW
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      10+ Persons ($20 per person) $200 N/A BOOK NOW
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    • Dates don’t fit your plans? Don’t worry, we’re flexible! We can arrange this tour just for you.  Just contact us with your preferred dates and we’ll take care of everything else.  Our personalized service lets you design the perfect vacation for you. Best part: When you choose your own dates your departure is guaranteed! Plan your trip for friends and family, with the peace of mind that everything is pre-arrange by our experts at Tenti. 

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    • Day 1


      Easy/Medium level difficulty

      ~ 5/6 hours hiking time (based on good fitness level)


      Leave from Bishkek at 7am.

      When we leave Bishkek we'll head towards Issyk-ata region. After the town of Kant we'll turn right and head through the sleepy villages of Kyrgyzstan. The scenery of planted fields and people going about their everyday lives inspires our upcoming hike.

      When we enter the mountain village of Kegeti we'll come upon a guesthouse which serves as the departure point for our trek.

      We'll hike through a pine forest as we make our way to the foot of the mountains.Eventually, we'll encounter the stream that flows from Kol- Tor. There is no bridge to cross but many hikers find it refreshing to pull off their socks and shoes for a quick trip through the brisk water. Alternatively, local men sometimes build a rock bridge to make fording the stream less difficult.

      The hike up the mountain is steep, but on the opposite side we'll reach out first rest area. In the height of summer the field is full of many beautiful flowers creating an almost heaven like atmosphere for us to catch our breath.

      Our path seemingly repeats itself as we enter another pine forest followed by a steep incline up to the top of the mountain. Here we're met by the spectacular beauty of Kol-Tor. The stunning lake seemingly changes color with the different weather in the area so every time you go it is a unique experience. Here, it truly feels as though you are on the top of the world with the lake's basin surrounded by fluffy white clouds.


      Return to the car and Bishkek. End Tour

    • Is This Tour for You?

      We recommend that people interested in joining Tenti for the Kol-Tor trek have a good level of fitness but previous hiking experience is not required.  At some points the trail becomes steep but it otherwise managable for beginners.  If this sounds like the hike for you, we welcome you to join us for a stunning trek through the valley at Kegeti Gorge and Kol-Tor lake.  

    • What's Included
      • A professional and qualified, English speaking tour leader
      • Comfort sprinter or minibus with WIFI
    • What's Not Included
      • International airfares
      • Consular fees for Kyrgyzstan tourist visa
      • Kyrgyzstan visa support
      • Travel insurance
      • All personal expenses; including alcoholic beverages
      • Charges for additional services
      • Packed Lunch
    • Meals

      Meals are NOT provided on this tour.  Please bring a packed lunch and plenty of water with you for your hike.  

    • Recommended Gear
      • Sturdy Hiking Shoes
      • Plenty of water or a water bottle with built in filter
      • Packed Lunch
      • Light Jacket or Sweater 
      • Sunscreen 
      • Bug Spray 
      • Small Personal First Aid Kit 
      • Sunglass
      • Yak Traks (For early and late season hikers)
      • Warm Layers (For early and late season hikers)
      • Hat and Gloves (For early and late season hikers)
    • Spending Money

      We recommend carrying the equivalent of $25 in Som with you on your tour to cover any miscellaneous expenses. Along the route there are several ATMs if needed.  Please remember to inform your bank you are travelling internationally before you depart or you may be unable to use your cards. 

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