Plov is the pizza of Central Asia. It’s the most debated and argued over

is subject to scrutiny:
most debatable 


1. Prepare all the main products: cut carrots into strips, onions into large rings, peel the garlic (you can put the whole in pilaf without peeling). Clean the meat from small bones, chop.

2. Pilaf is usually cooked with animal fat, ghee or vegetable oil.

Heat the cauldron well, pour oil. To check if the oil has overheated, it is enough to throw a little coarse salt into the boiler: it should scatter, 'shoot'. Overheating destroys the specific smell of the oil, neutralizes bitter substances.

For pilaf, you can not use already used oil, rancid, stagnant fat. When using interior fat or fat tail fat, the greaves must be removed after reheating.

Ghee or butter should not be overheated for a long time, as the beneficial substances contained in the oil quickly burn out.

Cooking zirba - frying meat with onions and carrots. When the carrots are fried add chopped tomatoes, spices and spices to the zirba.

Pour water into the cauldron. Depending on the variety and the water absorption of the rice, the ratio between rice and water is approximately 1: 2-3.

The contents of the cauldron should boil over low heat.

3. After making sure that the zirba is ready and there is enough salt, place the rice. First, it is sorted out, washed in cold water, and then soaked in warm water so that it swells.

Soaking time depends on the type of rice, its water absorption.

To find out whether rice is ready or not, it is enough to taste it on the tooth: the swollen rice in the teeth does not crunch. After soaking, rinse the rice again in 2-3 waters.

It is advisable to cook pilaf in a cast-iron cauldron and on wood

Required products:

Rice - 1 kg.

Vegetable oil - 250-300 g.

Meat - 500 g.

Carrots - 500 g.

Onions - 3-4 pcs.

Garlic - 4-5 cloves

Tomatoes - 2-3 pcs.

Paprika, ground black pepper, salt to taste


Prepare the main products: cut carrots into strips, onions into large rings, peel the garlic (you can put the whole in pilaf without peeling). Peel the meat from small bones, chop, reheat the oil.

Prepare the zirba: fry the coarsely chopped onion, then the meat until browned.

Then add the carrots. When the carrots are fried, lower the chopped tomatoes, herbs and spices.

Pour water, cook over low heat.

Bring the zirba to readiness, lay the rice in an even layer on top of the boiling zirba.

Increase the heat (make sure that the rice does not mix with the zirba, but lies on its surface).

When the water evaporates, collect the rice in a heap in the middle of the cauldron, cover it tightly with a lid and reduce the heat.


Note: to find out if the water has evaporated, pierce the rice with a spoon to the very bottom: if you hear the hiss of water, it means it's too early to close the pilaf.

Serve the finished pilaf on a large platter, placing the meat in a heap on top of the rice.











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