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Asanbay Center

March 29, 2020, on the Asanbay Central stage, three rising stars - artists of the music label RABA Music: JONY, ELMAN, ANDRO. Currently, they have become one of its brightest representatives.

Their video has gained millions of views, and they occupy the best posts of the hottest top charts Apple Music and VKontakte, from the first notes that won the hearts of thousands of listeners.

JONY is a popular romantic hitmaker. His track "Alley" was shot from each of them, and the video clip for the song collected more than 27 million views. The music album "List of Your Thoughts" in the early days of pop music on Apple Music and VKontakte and remains there until now.

ELMAN is an artist whose popularity is gaining wild momentum. His singles: “Crosses”, “My Ocean”, “Save Me”, “Antihero” are available in the playlists of the best music novelties, and the hit “Adrenaline” wins the audience’s love on the video sites of the network. In combination, ELMAN is the producer of the music label RAAVA Music, with whom JONY and ANDRO collaborate.

ANDRO is a young musician, one of the most romantic Russian musicians. At 13, the artist took part in the creation of the hit "Santa Lucia" by the popular band QUEST PISTOLS SHOW. It was his voice that surfaced in the memory of millions at the mention of this track. Today we have a hit guitarist “Alien”, in which he actively prepares a lot of cool material. Recently, the musician released a new single, “Night Flight”, which confidently occupies the top positions in popular Internet sites.

At the concerts of each of the musicians there are only them and the audience. Artists conduct a dialogue with the audience with a strictly live sound, receiving feedback in the form of strong emotions.

RAAVA Music with support from the Zhara Music label gives you the unique opportunity to see all three stars in an exclusive recital. This chance will no longer be.

Admission Ticket Price:
FanZone - 1,600 soms
VIP zone 1-3 000 soms
VIP zone 2 - 4,000 soms

Collection of guests: 18:00, beginning: 20:00
For information: tel: +996 501 500 500







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