• Alakol Jyrgalang Eco-Center
  • Alakol Jyrgalang Eco-Center
  • Alakol Jyrgalang Eco-Center
  • Alakol Jyrgalang Eco-Center
  • Alakol Jyrgalang Eco-Center


The "Alakol" Eco-Centre rests in the breath taking scenery of the Jyrgalan Valley, available for tourists all year round. In winter, it is a skit tour base, offering free riding and backcountry and lifting on specialized equipment for skiing down the hills or just simple walking tours. In summer, it is a starting base trekking, bike tours and legendary health treatment with mares' milk.

Jyrgalan rests in a breathtaking corner of Issyk Kuls' Tien-Shan border with China, an hour from Karakols' ski slopes and provides a haven for the young and strong, but also for the families, representing all generations. We invite you to visit and to experience the purity and beauty of the best place on the planet with us. 

We invite you to discover the beautiful valley Jyrgalan, which is located is the Eastern part of the Issyk Kul region 60 km from Karakol City. This is relatively new, developing tourist centre with a focus on ecological tourism, active recreation, extreme sports and traditional for the Kyrgyzstan types of travel. What is so attractive about the Jyrgalan valley for tourists of all countries?

The Climate
The valley has a unique microclimate. It is located at an altitude of 2300 meteres, which means that it is never too hot , and it is protected from the strong winds by the mountains of the Terskey Ala-Too. Itis never too cold in the valley. The snow in winter falls thick, remaining crisp cold and firm - ideal for freeriding and backcountry.
And, of course, the Jyrgalan valley is an environmentally friendly place. The absolute purity of the air, water and regional products is guaranteed because it is far from the industrial centers and highways, which is typically destroys existing flora and fauna. The summer season in Jyrgalan lasts from early May to late Spetember. Winter starts in early November and lasts to early April.

The Attractions
There are many unique natural monuments and landscapes in the area. There is a beautiful "Turnail-Kol" Lake (the Crane lake) within an hours walk from the "Ala Kol" eco-center at an altitude of 2700 meters above the sea level. The name of the Lake proves the fact, that every year in spring and autumn the cranes fly in. one can enjoy watching them from the nearest pass. There are picturesque waterfalls in the Kok-Bel area. Above the village one can see the legendary rock with tracews of the hoofs of the horse of Manas, reffered to as the "Tulpar-Tash". From this very high cliff legend says that the Royal horse jumped down to flight large of numbers of enemies. Fifteen kilometeres from the eco-center, at an altitude of 3200 meteres you can admire the "Ailanpa" (Whirpool) lake, where the all year round snow-covered mountain "Throne of Buddha" rises above it. Along the way you can climb the scenic mountain passes, and stay in yurts to experience the simple life as nomads in the beautiful Tien Shan mountains. If you go the other way, you can see the famous stones of the "Santash" (the stones of Temirlan), cross the valley of the Tup river, admire the fabulous forms of the top of the Bok-Murun side.




Public transportation to Jyrgalan:

Minibus (marshrutka) leaves at 8.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 4.30 PM from Derbishev/Aldashev street intersection in Karakol, Ak Tilek market, 80 soms/person. 
Salam taxi (+996 3922 52222) 1300 som/car (up to 4 people)

Address and map location

Jyrgalan valley, Yssyk-Kul

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