• Riverside Karakol
  • Riverside Karakol


  Welcome to YOUR new home in Kyrgyzstan. Riverside is more than a usual Guesthouse, Riverside is a place to meet in, it is a place to share stories and adventures from Central Asia's prime destination.
  Built carefully with love by the hands of the Dutch-Kyrgyz young couple Andre and Gulzhan, Riverside Guesthouse is four stories high, and it has practically everything you would wish for in your own home: tastfully designed rooms with comfortable beds, bathrooms equipped with hot shower and toilets and a different view from each bedroom to the Tien-Shan Mountain Range. The kitchen serves Kyrgyzstan's top-end home cuisine to the dining room, where people from all over the world get to savore Gulzhan's cooking :)
  The living room is a place to socalize and hang out, to watch TV or have a beer or two. The living room has a high speed WIFI service, and is where Andre could explain you everything there is to know about Kyrgyzstan: Trekking, Horse riding, Yurt staying, border crossings etc. The living room also has a book swap service with books on several languages...
  Riverside Gousthouse has a large front yard where BBQs are being held ocasionally, mostly during those warm summer nights. In the back lies Karakol River, where tourists and locals often spend their time to relax and enjoy Karakol's best natural spot. 

If you have read so far, well done!
you can now contact them via telephone, Email or Facebook for reservations or for further inquieries. 

Andre &Gulzhan
Riverside Guesthouse B&B Karakol





How to get there
From Karakol's centre where the shopping mall and the bazaar are at, turn left towards the nearest mountains on Kravzova st.

After a short drive and a sharp left turn (still on Kravzova st.) you will see on your left the famous supermarket Akian Magazin (every other person in Karakol knows it, especially taxi drivers).

Right after it, the street will naturally turn right and further up the street, after 50-70 meters or so, you will see a metal sign wich says "Riverside B&B". That's it, you're there!

Marshutkas 110 and 111 are passing by our guesthouse on opposite directions and can be taken from the main bazaar or anywhere else on their route. You can tell the driver to drop you off by Akian Magazine - from there will know what to do. 


Address and map location

Shapak Baatyr 170, Karakol, Issyk-Kul region