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  • Let's Wander Kyrgyzstan!

    • Day 1

      Tamchy - Ashuu

    • Day 2

    • Day 3

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      Sorry, no scheduled dates available at this time. Book this tour for yourself or your group under the single travelers and private groups tab. 

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    • Dates don’t fit your plans? Travelling alone? Don’t worry, we’re flexible! We can arrange this tour just for you.  Just contact us with your preferred dates and we’ll put together a quote just for you.  Our personalized service lets you design the perfect vacation for you. Best part: When you choose your own dates your departure is guaranteed! Plan your trip for friends and family, with the peace of mind that everything is pre-arranged by our experts at Tenti. 

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    • Day 1

      Tamchy - Ashuu

      After Breakfast you will continue your trek to the Kol-Tor Lake, expected arrival at the lake is 5pm. 

      -Walking distance1: 13-14km

      -Time: 5-6 hours

      -Camping Site: Kol-Tor Lake

      -Accommodation: Tent

      -Altitude: 2400m  

    • Day 2

      The driver will pick you up from Tamchy and take you to Jeltibes where the trail begins. Your guide for the trek will meet you there.  From Jeltibes you will hike to the Pass.

      -Walking distance:  12-13km

      -Time:  8-9hours

      -Camping site: Ashuu (pass in English)

      -Accommodation: Tent

      -Altitude: 2000m

    • Day 3

      After Breakfast, continue your trek to Chong-Kemin National park.  In the afternoon arrive at your final destination, Chong Kemin, and meet your transportation to Bishkek. 

      -Walking distance: 13 -14km

      -Time: 5-6hours

      -Altitude:  1800m

  • Soviet Legacy Tour

    Soviet Legacy Tour
    $1265 - PAX. 10
  • 3 - Day Horse Trek to Song-Kol

    3 - Day Horse Trek to Song-Kol
    Starting at 190$ per person
  • Chong-Kemin -Tamchy village (Issyk-Kul) Trek

    Chong-Kemin -Tamchy village (Issyk-Kul) Trek
  • Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat on a Budget

    Naryn - Kel-Suu (Köl Suu) - Tash Rabat on a Budget
    Starting at 294$